An evolution in GP software

An Evolution in GP Software

Welcome to Best Practice - setting the standards in clinical management software for the GP. Best Practice is designed and developed by Dr Frank Pyefinch, the pioneer of clinical software in Australia.

The finches of the Galapagos showed Darwin the way to the theory of evolution. The soaring finch logo is the personal stamp of Dr Frank Pyefinch and represents his personal guarantee that the Best Practice software will continue to evolve in response to the particular needs of Australian doctors.

With an experienced development and support team, Best Practice Software aims to provide the best possible product and service to the medical practices of Australia.

Best Practice Software and PCEHR

Information on Best Practice Software and PCEHR please CLICK HERE

Your waiting room just became productive!
Instead of an ancient magazine your patients pick up a simple-to-use touch screen tablet from your Practice Nurse as soon as their measurements are taken. They will provide the key information that will shape their GPMP. It saves you and your staff, it motivates your patients.

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Why Best Practice?

  • 100% SQL database means the best possible speed and stability
  • Integrated Clinical and Management modules, or link to your existing billing package
  • No advertising. No drug company sponsored prompts.
  • Management module includes Medicare Online Bulk Bill claiming, Streamlined DVA claiming, Private Patient claiming, Specialist and Allied health claiming, Patient and Veteran verification
  • Logical workflows and intuitive interface
  • MIMS © PI, CMI and Abridged Prescribing Information, including Product Identification images
  • MIMS © myDr patient education material
  • BP Remote allows you to use your own laptop for off-site visits
  • Low Total cost of ownership due to:
    •     Australia's best annual subscription rates. Click here for details
    •     Live update of monthly drug databases - no downtime for updates
    •     No time-consuming maintenance routines (e.g. reindexing or file repairs)
  • Simple Installation and Update routines
  • Free fully automated data conversion utility from MD2, MD3 and MedTech32
  • Personalised support by experienced IT professionals
  • Runs on Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008, Windows Vista, Windows 7*.
    Both 32 bit and 64 bit Operating Systems are supported.

    "Home" versions are not supported.
    *Medicare Australia have advised that Online Claiming may not work on all operating systems supported by Best Practice.